Lunchtime Webinar Series

During 2022 we have organised a number of very exciting research webinars by leading experts in the field of mental health. The IMH Lunchtime Webinar Series comprise monthly research webinars where we invite renown experts in fields aligned with any of our IMH research themes, including self-harm and suicide prevention; early intervention and prevention; innovation in policy, systems and services; justice, equalities and capabilities; mental health data science and epidemiology; and multidisciplinary approaches to the neuroscience of mental health. Among the exciting topics that we have covered in 2022, we would like to highlight two webinars on the ground-breaking topic of immunopsychiatry, which were magnificently presented by Prof Michael Benros (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) and Dr Vanessa Cropley (University of Melbourne, Australia). In addition, we have also covered two fascinating webinars on the field of philosophy of psychology, by Dr Anneli Jefersson (Cardiff University, uk) and Dr Clara Bergen (Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, USA). Further, we have also had invaluable presentations from internal colleagues, where they have introduced to us their latest research on Better Than Well program (By Dr Ed Day and Luke Trainor), on the U21 Autism Research Network (by Dr Sophie Sowden), and on Research into Experiences of Eating Disorders and Recovery (Dr Jwana Aziz and Rosie Pendrou). 

In 2023, we will continue with more exciting Webinar Series, monthly. Some examples of the topics that we will cover include evaluation of mental health support teams in schools, biological and clinical aspects of chronic schizophrenia, recent updates from the IMH Youth Advisory Group and computational psychiatry. 

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