Midlands Sleep Group

The Midlands Sleep Group (MSG) is a group of clinicians, academics and practitioners, with a broad interest in sleep and sleep research, which was established in 2017. Dr Isabel Morales-Munoz (from the IMH) and Prof Brendan Cooper (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham) are the MSG Co-Chairs, and currently the group features 21 members, including core and affiliated members. The main purpose of the group is to highlight the relevance of sleep and to showcase the work that is being done on the topic of sleep in the Midlands. In 2022, the MSG has organized quarterly research webinars on the topic of sleep. Recently, the MSG has been awarded an MRC Proximity to Discovery Industry Engagement Fund (P2D) to organize a 1-day event on sleep in March 2023. Here, the MSG members will present their recent work on sleep and this will be an event targeted to industry partners, academics/clinicians and the wide public.  

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