Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Neuroscience of Mental Health

Our ambition is to understand the role of the brain in mental health in young people, across development, and in adults.  By bringing together a range of tools and expertise, we take a multidisciplinary approach that links together biological, psychological and social processes to mental health. 

Matthew Apps was awarded a Jacobs Foundation Fellowship (£120k) to examine the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying deadline pressures in young people and how it relates to mental health and a BBSRC grant (£200k) to examine the computational basis of foraging behaviours. A paper from Matthew’s lab won the Society for Neuroeconomics best paper award and a paper from Matthew Apps and Pat Lockwood won the Society and Affective Neuroscience Society innovation award in 2022.

A research symposium ‘Neuroscience of Mental Health Symposium’ as part of the Celebrating Research and Impact School event (School of Psychology) took place in June 2022 with talks by Dr Jack Rogers, Dr Paris Lalousis and Dr Ali Mazaheri. 

Two further events are currently being planned for 2023
Webinar ‘Childhood adversity, the brain and psychosis’ – 23/01/2023 – Organised by Dr Maria Dauvermann
Movie night ‘Resilience’ – 26/01/2023 – Organised by Dr Ed Day with contribution from Dr Maria Dauvermann 


Distinct neural representations for prosocial and self-benefiting effort

Lockwood, P., Wittmann, M. K., Nili, H., Matsumoto-Ryan, M., Abdurahman, A., Cutler, J., Husain, M. & Apps, M., 10 Oct 2022, In: Current Biology. 32, 19, p. 4172-4209 38 p. 

Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-review 

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National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic

Van Bavel, J.J., Cichocka, A., Capraro, V., Sjåstad, H., Nezlek, J.B., Pavlović, T., Alfano, M., Gelfand, M.J., Azevedo, F., and Birtel, M.D. (2022). Nature Communications. 13, 1–14.

Predicting attitudinal and behavioral responses to COVID-19 pandemic using machine learning

Pavlović, T., Azevedo, F., De, K., Riaño-Moreno, J. C., Maglić, M., Gkinopoulos, T., Donnelly-Kehoe, P. A., Payán-Gómez, C., Huang, G., Kantorowicz, J., Birtel, M. D., Schönegger, P., Capraro, V., Santamaría-García, H., Yucel, M., Ibanez, A., Rathje, S., Wetter, E., Stanojević, D., van Prooijen, J-W., & 208 others, 5 Jul 2022, In: PNAS nexus. 1, 3, 15 p., pgac093. 

Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-review

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Neural and cognitive signatures of guilt predict hypocritical blame

Yu, H., Contreras-Huerta, L.S., Prosser, A.M., Apps, M.A., Hofmann, W., Sinnott-Armstrong, W., and Crockett, M.J. (2022). Psychological Science. 33, 1909–1927.

Neural implementation of computational mechanisms underlying the continuous trade-off between cooperation and competition

Pisauro, M., Fouragnan, E., Arabadzhiyska, D., Apps, M*., and Philiastides, M*. (2022). Nature. Communications. 13, 1–18. *Equal contributors

Preferences for seeking effort or reward information bias the willingness to worK

Müller, T., Husain, M. & Apps, M. A. J., 14 Nov 2022, In: Scientific Reports. 12, 1, 19486. 

Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-review

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Brain grey and white matter structural associations with future suicidal ideation and behaviors in adolescent and young adult females with mood disorders

Colic L, Villa LV, Dauvermann MR, et al. van Velzen LS, Sankar A, Goldman D, Panchal P, Kim J, Quatrano S, Spencer S, Constable RT, Suckling, J, Goodyer, IM, IMPACT Consortium, Schmaal L, van Harmelen AL, Blumberg HB. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry Advances (2022). 

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